Halloween canvas art

Halloween is here! This means time celebrate the day by dressing up in costumes, decorating your house with scary things, carving the pumpkin, trick or treating, watching scary movies and more! Who’s excited?!

There are simple canvas arts you can do yourselves to decorate your house! 

halloween art

What you need for these canvas arts are,

-Paint color- the colors you need are Snow (Titanium) White, Lavender , Lamp (Ebony) Black , Jack-O'-Lantern Orange (transparent) ,  Citron Green (transparent).

-Paint brushes of different points.

-You require 3 canvases, one for the cat, one for the ghost and one for the Jack-o’-lantern. You can make the canvas yourselves or buy the canvas.

Firstly you need to transfer the patterns to each canvas. 

Cat canvas 

- Use flat brush to paint sides and trim around cat's head with Jack-O'-Lantern Orange. 
- Use bright brush to paint cat eyes Snow White. 
- Use bright brush to paint cat eye irises Citron Green. Use round brush to paint pupils Lamp Black. 
- Paint cat's face using flat brush and Lamp Black. Use round brush to paint eyelashes Lavender. Paint cat's nose Jack-O'-Lantern Orange. 
- Use round brush and Snow White to paint cat's whiskers. 


Ghost canvas

- Paint outside edges of canvas using flat brush and Lamp Black. Paint ghost shape Snow White using     flat brush. 
- Use round brush and Lamp Black to paint ghost eyes and mouth. Add Snow White dots to middle of eyes with round brush. 


Jack-o'-lantern canvas 

- Paint outside edges of canvas around pumpkin shape with flat brush and Citron Green. 
- Use Jack-O'-Lantern Orange and flat brush to paint pumpkin. 
- Paint stem, eyes, nose, and mouth using bright brush and Lamp Black. 
- Attach ribbon to back of canvases using hot glue. (Refer to photo for placement.) 

Easy right? 

Happy Halloween!

Source: decoart.com

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