Christmas Picture Ideas!


Christmas is almost here and time for some family time and christmas pictures! While the regular family portrait is probably good enough, you certainly want to do something that is out of the ordinary for your christmas picture, don't you? Here are some cute and awesome ideas you can experiment with you family or partner this christmas!Here are some pictures compiled by Lolly Jane from




Dear Santa, We Can Explain |Summertime Designs

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Christmas Story Relica |Liz Labianca


Gamer Family |Reformissionary

2007 Christmas Card



Cutting Down the Tree |Scott Clevenger Photography

Armed Family |Coues Whitetail

Hanging On |Focus Jennie!

JOY |The BMC Report

Triumphant Toddler |Say Yippie

Family Ornament |Photos by Lei

10 Christmas Card Ideas |Camera Sim



Family Candy Cane |We Are Heavy Duty

Christmas Card 2007 - The Human Candy Cane

Pic in Pic |Threaded Together



Baby Baker |Laura Odom

Christmas Lights |JoopJoop



Kids Picture |Anthromollogies

The idea for this shot sprung from this shot I found here. I was feeding Mr.Banks a bottle in the wee hours and the idea came to me to use one of my old frames to create a similar shot.  I LOVED how this one turned out.

Silent Night |Thrifty Fun

Family Picture |Amelia Lon Photography


Elf Baby |melondipity

Candy Cane Baby Elf Baby Hat



Merry & Bright |House of Ernest

Safe Christmas |Randy Metcalf


Christmas Lights Lasso |Kittles

Banner |Abryan Photo



Candy Cane Kiss |Meadowbrook Farm

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