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The Narrative is an elegantly minimal and tiny piece of technology that automatically shoots a picture every 30 seconds! It's amazing to see how much technology is advancing and they manage to surprise us everytime! This is an article published by Marvin Heiferman in on the new cool tech and how much the popularity for photography is increasing.

The “Narrative Clip,” a wearable, -logging camera, shoots a photo every 30 seconds.

The “Narrative Clip,” a wearable, life-logging camera that shoots a photo every 30 seconds.


It is estimated that every day, 1.3 billion photographs are made.  Of those, 350 million are uploaded to Facebook.  Google+ users, who are currently being offered some of the most advanced and easy to use photo-editing tools to lure them away from Facebook, are posting another 214 million a day.  150 million photos are shared through Snapchat, 55 million via Instagram, and another 1.4 million are added to Flickr.  And also, that in the time it takes to read a sentence shorter than this one, another 14 million photographs will have been made. People make all of those pictures for a variety of purposes, because they have to or need to or want to.  Because image-capturing devices are usually within reach and just because they can. 

In the years since, back-facing cameras and the selfie phenomenon have added yet another category of motivation to the list.  Photography has become a way for people to take the representation into their own hands and to confront, rehearse, perform, and then broadcast images that track where or declare who they are.  Photography, once a novel method of paying respect and doing some selective bookkeeping of life’s major events, has now and for many become an indispensable diaristic, communication, and navigational tool.

This year, with the test-marketing of Google Glass, and this month’s planned release of the “Narrative”—the miniature, clip-on, and life-logging camera first announced as the “Memoto,” until Motorola, which has trademarked the word “moto,” strongly objected—we’ll be further empowered to take pictures, on-the-run, hands-free, more easily and even more frequently.  

Cool isn't it?

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