Giclee or Gee-Clay prints are high quality reproductions of art created from digital images. They are usually printed on canvas and paper the fromer being popular amongst artists and photographers.


A giclee printer is a wide printer that is sometimes nicknamed a “knitting machine” because of its appearance.  The inks used for giclee printing are specially adapted water-based inks with high light-fastness. However, giclee prints should be treated in the same fashion as watercolor paintings, and protected from moisture and direct daylight. The best quality giclee prints will have a UV treatment applied to them after printing.  ShopCanvasPrint provides a UV treatment for all of it giclees.


Giclees are useful resource for an artist as an art can be reproduced and touched up at much lesser effort than creating a an actual painting. Giclees are sold at a lesser price attracting a market that may not be able to actually purchase the original Painting. For instance, Katherine McNeill a renoqned Landscape and Nature Artist, sells her large paintings for $8500 to $12000 whereas the giclees of the same paintings are sold for $2000.


It is a common practice to not produce giclees larger than the painting itself as many artists fear the potential drop in quality for images that are extrapolated. However many artists make varying sizes of the original that are smaller keeping the proportion of the paintings the same. This allows the artist to sell reproductions of their work at affordable prices for variiety of customers.


At ShopCanvasPrint the artist has the unique capability to produce giclees at wholesale prices providing the right prices for them to sell affordably to their interested art enthusiasts. This provides an opportunity for an artist to be open to a market that otherwise would have not considered buying an art due to the high prices.


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