Yes, Wedding day is the most important day of a person’s life. This is a day most of you dream of and plan with years of research work so everything is perfect for the day. Starting from the attire to bridesmaids, flowers, music, everything personally picked out.

A wedding photographer has the most important task of all, to capture these precious moments in a frame.

Timing is crucial for a wedding photograph. The best way to do that is to always think ahead of a shot you would like to capture.


chris and kate 

Chris & Kate Photography           


eric laurits

Eric Laurits Photography

Do not be afraid to push the boundaries and capture things that may even seem insignificant and unnecessary; you may have your thousand-angels-singing-Hallelujah moment, you never know.

A change in perspective can bring wonders to the photographs so get creative with the shots. And most of all you should be prepared with lighting, location for the extra shots and other things. The fun thing about wedding photography is there are NO RULES so be different, bring out the couple’s personalities and create a photograph worthy to be blown up and framed to remember the day.

Have Fun!

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