We all scroll through instagram filters trying to decide what looks best on the photograph. Finally we settle for one which looks fine and something won’t feel right, you change it, the cycle goes on. But I came across this guide which will help us through the process of selecting the best filter for the photograph.


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Image by Woody Lauland

Amaro filter has increased exposure that makes the colors a little harsher so it looks better with darker photos.

Rise filter adds a warm, golden glow to the shot so it’s perfect for making the beach look sunnier and your pale winter skin tanner.

Hudson has this icy cold tint which is great in highlighting shadows. This filter would make buildings and cityscapes look sleek.

X-Pro II filter has high contrast and sharp edges that make the colors pop and give a more dramatic effect. Sierra is a high exposure and low contrast filter made for landscaped and gives a wash-out skin tones.

Lo-fi filter makes photos more saturated and warmer which is best for food photography.

Early bird filter is a sepia tone filter which makes the photos look like they’re straight out of an old time.

Sutro filter darken the photos by burning the edges and dramatizing shadows and highlights. This filter makes the look Goth and edgy.

Toaster adds a burned aged quality to the photos. This filter is best used when you want to highlight someone or something in the center of the frame.

Brannan Filter combines metallic tint, high exposure and contrast to give a shadowy-sepia tone to pictures. It adds drama to still-life portraits.

Inkwell filter gives the classic black and white tone to the photograph.

Walden Filter’s soft light and yellow tint has a way of making things look cuter. Use it on puppies, babies and anything else that makes you say “Awww!”

Hefe is much like Lo-Fi but with a lower saturation. It helps enhance pictures with already vibrant colors like food or bright flowers.

Valencia is a subtle filter that fades out color without washing it out completely. It looks good with stills like houses and buildings.

Nashville’s warm, almost pinkish filter make you look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Use it on romantic pictures of you and your partner watching sunsets.

1977, like the name suggests, this filter makes photos look like you’re in your parents’ photo albums from the 70s. It’s best used on close-ups of three-dimensional objects.

Kelvin’s warm temperature and high saturation can be hit or miss. It works best on photos with lots of light, giving it that late, summery feel.



Now we know the best instagram filter that will work for the photograph!

Instagram away!



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