The common mistake we make with our homes is we choose artworks that may not go well with the setting of your furniture or your flooring or your wall. We often buy artwork based on how beautiful it looks rather than thinking about how it will look in the room. This makes the artwork look out of place and the harmony wil be lost. While I was browsing through some articles I came across an article by Todd Terry. He talks about tips to selecting the perfect art for your home.


Image Source: http://c21richter.co.za

The first tip he shares is to review the purpose of the artwork or the room it will be in before buying it. Will it be a complimentary piece to the room or will it be the focal point?

Color of the artwork is crucial and something to think about. This is the Second tip he points talks about in the article. It’s always better to keep the color scheme complimentary rather than using the exact colors, use those that match without being exact.

Then the question arises about the artwork, should it be abstract or realistic? Abstract designs, such as shapes or color strokes, can work best in modern settings with décor that tends to be linear instead of whimsical. In contrast, realistic designs look like the image that they are supposed to represent.

The frame does matter! If you are choosing a print or picture, remember that the frame that you select (if you select one) is as much a part of the artistic goal as the piece of work itself. Decide what works best for your picture or painting and want compliments it. The frame can be as unique as the art itself. Choose wisely and something that compliments the overall piece of work and the room itself. 


Selecting an artwork is as important as selecting a furniture for you home because a simple artwork can bring a world of a difference to your home.


Source: http://www.thecalgaryteam.com/blog/5-tips-to-picking-the-perfect-piece-of-art-for-your-home.html

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