The Panel Styles - Single, Diptych, Triptych and Quad


A single Panel Canvas Print may be the most popular canvas print used for decorating homes in the US, however the idea of split canvas such as Diptych, Triptych and Quad are gaining rather great momentum in popularity. The sheer fact that the split panels stand out as different and essentially reinforcing the ‘modern style’ name tag in the interior designs spectrum, the split panel styles has become a choice for Trend seekers.







But What do these Styles Mean?

With industry specific terms such as diptych, triptych and quad, it may be hard to relate for a person who is hearing them for the first time. All what the terms are referring to is the number of panels that an image is split into. Diptych or ‘Di’ is referring to two split Panels. Triptych or ‘Tri’ is referring to three split panel and Quad refers to four split panels.

At ShopCanvasPrint You will see different popular sizes for which we do Diptych if you go the pricing section of the website.

24" x 36" is a popular size for a Diptych panel style Canvas Print. In order to create a Diptych ,the customer would upload an image for size 24 x 36 during the order process, select wrap style (Rolled –No Frame, standard Wrap or Gallery Wrap), select Diptych Panel Style, and the Border (Black, White, Reflection or Image Wrap) that they would like.

Once the order is received, the image is divided at the middle essentially creating 2 canvasses of 24 x 18 inch sizes having a both halves of the image uploaded by the user. Depending on the size of the wall of your home and the accessories of the particular room, the decorative appeal for the diptych panel style van vary with its position from the ceiling, floor and between the two pieces. Larger the wall and the longer distance from where the prints are generally seen it would be best to have a larger distance between the two halves of prints. Typically a small room would do better with a proportionally sized print and lesser distance between the prints on the wall. This general principle can be applied for a Triptych and Quad Panel Style Canvas Prints too.

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