Why Photographers need an inexpensive Custom Canvas Printing Service

The custom canvas printing service business has boomed tremendously in the last few years. However the cost of the photographer for these services still seems to be high to make a decent margin from their customers. A typical photographer who specializes in portraits offers their customer the choice of having a canvas printed version of the photographs they have taken. These are then printed predominantly by online services where they sent the file in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format, which is then printed by the company and sent back to the Photographer. The photographer sells the portrait at a premium where they make a margin for the print that they just sold to their customer.

The boom of canvas prints services is seen is readily online with many new players entering the scene. Regular customers of photographers who would have bought these items from them, now opt to buy online mainly due to the difference in price. The internet does provide the customer with a lot of options. Sadly this takes away an opportunity for regular photographers who make up roughly 750 , 000 work force of America. ShopCanvasPrint understands the need for a photographer to have a service that is reliable, of great quality and the need for the right price to mark up and sell while still being competitive with the other businesses. Our wholesale customer approach is primarily set up for this purpose. The wholesale platform and prices are only offered to professionals mainly in the photography field and Art field. 

For instance a 16 x 24 Gallery Wrap canvas print would cost a wholesale customer only $58.5 where as the same would cost a regular customer $120 in other canvas printing companies such as CanvasPoP and Easy CanvasPrints. The Standard Wrap is even more affordable at $37.99 which is sold around $105 at CanvasPop or EasyCanvasPrints. Another awesome service a wholesale customer enjoys at ShopCanvas Print is the White Label Service. A White Label Service simply means that ShopCanvasPrints sends the Canvas Prints to the Photographers Customers on behalf of the Photographer with any marketing material they would like to add with the order. This helps a photographer save money on shipping as it is shipped directly to the customer. It also saves the photographer the cost of repackaging to make it look like their product too.

To become a wholesale customer create an account. If are convinced that you are who you say you are we will approve you to get the wholesale prices. At times we may require more info such as website, facebook page or a document to prove who you are.

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