If you are feeling creative and you want to put it down in a canvas you can do it without having to drive to purchase a pre-made canvas. To purchase a pre-made canvas is little more expensive compared to making one yourself which is relatively less expensive and u will be surprised to see how easy it is to make!.

The tools you need to stretch a canvas are stretch bars, a hammer or mallet, canvas, canvas pliers, a staple gun, 3/8" staples and a t-square or measuring tape.

First step to stretching a canvas is to assemble the stretcher bars and for that you need 4 stretcher bars, two of each of any size you desire. These stretcher bars come with a pre-mitered slot which has to be pressed together. Sometimes it could be tight so this requires a little help from hammer or a mallet to tap it together. If your stretcher bars have beveled edges, they should be facing the canvas.

A little help from the T-square comes in to make sure that the frame is square or you can use a measuring tape and measure them diagonally on both sides. The measurement should be the same to make sure the frame is a perfect square. Now you have a perfectly square frame!

stretcher bars

Now the next step is about stretching the canvas perfectly. Make sure you have at least 2 inches around your whole frame. Fold over the canvas if it’s long and secure it by stapling roughly in the centre. Then do the same on the opposite side (should work on opposites to secure it tightly). Now the canvas plier comes in play to make sure the canvas is tight enough and does not tear when you pull it, and then staple it.   



The last step is to Staple the canvas to the frame properly on the right and on the left about two inches apart. This has to be repeated on all the sides. We should leave about 2 inches on the edge to do the corners. When you are doing the final staples, you want to leave at least two inches on the edge to do the corners. For the corners you have to pull one side very tight inward and staple it and make sure you don’t staple over the miter. Tuck the corner in and you will get a perfect right angle corner and fold the other side down. Continue this on all the sides. Now we have canvas which is stapled about 2 inches all around the frame.




Voila! Your canvas is readyy!


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