All about Digital Art

If you’re thinking what digital art is, it is a range of artistic or practices which is created using the digital technology. The term ‘digital artist’ came with the introduction of this technology, which means, an artist who uses digital technology to create or produce art. Digital art is considered a part of new media art. Different names have been used for the process since the 70’s now with the introduction of digital technology, it has an impact on various activities such as painting, drawing, sculpting and even music/sound, new forms such as virtual reality, digital installations etc. These transformed practices are becoming recognizable after an initial resistance. Certain artworks are called ‘digital painting’ because it is created using software on a computer platform and the result will be a digital painting when the output is digitally done.  

The digital art technology is made use to bring in special effects to films, advertisements etc. Digital Art can be completed computer generated or it can be taken from various sources such as a photograph that is scanned and an image created using a mouse or a graphics tablet using vector graphics software.

Pop-Art legend, Andy Warhol made use of the digital technology and created digital art by taking an image of Debbie Harry, which was captured from a video in monochrome and he manipulated the image by adding color by using flood fills!.

Andy warhol


By using Digital technology you can create computer generated visual media to produce digital visual art that consists of either two dimensional (2D) visual information displayed on an electronic visual display or information mathematically translated into three dimensional (3D) information, viewed through perspective projection on an electronic visual display. Then there’s computer generated 3D still imagery that are created using the process of designing imagery from geometric shapes, polygons or NURBS curves. This creates three-dimensional objects and scenes and is used in various media such as film, television, print, games/simulations and special visual effects. Computer generated animations are created with the help of the computer. They are created using digital models done by a 3D artist or they generated procedurally. Another process done by using the digital technology is the digital installation art that incorporates video installations, works that involves projections, live video capture etc. This technique helps enhance audiences’ impression and create immersive environments.

Cool! don’t you think?

The possibilities using digital technology is endless.

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