The festive season is around the corner. Photographery lovers are out to capture the finest moments of celebrations. Fireworks is an astonishing phenomenon seen during most festive seasons. The unique colors, light, excitement of the people and the general celebratory atmosphere can spark the mind of an aspiring artist. However capturing the incredible light and colors of the fireworks is in many ways a tedious task.

National Geographic site has this useful article on capturing fireworks perfectly!



Photograph by Joel Sartore, National Geographic


Photo Tip

Taking fireworks can be tricky and challenging. First of all be sure to choose your vantage point carefully. You should think about your shots beforehand too. Dont forget to consider the foreground and background elements of the scene either, as it will come in handy to plan on how you might want to incorporate them in the picture.Turning your flash off and setting your camera to manual mode allows you to control the exposure and aperture yourself. A good starting place for your settings is ISO 100, f/11, at 1/2 second. If the photos are looking too dim, vary the shutter speed while keeping the aperture the same.


Get inspired to capture your own unique firework experience!


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